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Ohio auto insurance is serious business.  It is legally required and is checked at every traffic stop.  A person in Ohio without car insurance should not be driving unless they want to risk losing their license and other stiff penalties.  Ohio car insurance is so important because it helps to protect everyone.  Having auto insurance in Ohio allows you to drive with peace of mind. You know that if you are involved in an accident that you will be protected.

State Laws Regarding Ohio Auto Insurance

The state laws on auto insurance in Ohio are very clear.  The DMV does random checks to ensure that all licensed drivers in Ohio have proper insurance coverage.  Ohio requires drivers to be able to show proof of financial responsibility.

Most people choose to get insurance coverage, although, there are also the options of posting a $30,000 cash bond ort a $60,000 real estate bond.  However, insurance is the most reasonable option because other options could put you at severe financial risk should you ever be involved in an accident.

The minimum required insurance coverage in Ohio is:

  • $12,500 bodily injury (one person)
  • $25,000 bodily injury (multiple people)
  • $7,500 property damage

Any driver who does not have proof of financial responsibility risks severe penalties and loss of their driver’s license under state law.  If a person ends up getting pulled over or is involved in an accident and they can not provide proof of financial responsibility they will lose their license for a set period of time automatically.  As you can see it is very important that you carry Ohio auto insurance.

Factors That Influence Ohio Car Insurance Rates

The cost of Ohio auto insurance is largely dependent upon the average Ohio driver.  Insurance companies look at the number of accidents and violations of all Ohio drivers to get a base amount for the cost of a policy.  However, they also consider factors for each individual that can either raise or lower that average rate.  The factors considered are:

  1. Driving record.  Violations or accidents will raise the rate.
  2. Number of vehicles.  Two or more covered vehicles will lower a rate.
  3. Number of drivers.  Two or more driver’s can lower the rate.
  4. Driver(s) age.  Drivers over the age of 26 have lower rates.
  5. Number of years licensed.  More years licensed means a lower rate.
  6. Credit record.  A better credit record means a better rate.
  7. Deductible.  A higher deductible will lower the rate.

These may not be all the factors considered when creating a car insurance rate.  Some companies may use different factors.  Usually the company will disclose what factors they use to determine your rate.

Coverage Options For Ohio Auto Insurance

As mentioned the minimum requirements by law for Ohio car insurance are 12.5/25/7.5.  One important thing to think about is that while this coverage makes you a legal driver it may not protect you in the event of an accident.  These coverage amounts are quite low; in fact, they are some of the lowest limits in the country.  The average minimum requirement in the United States is 25/50/25.

What you need to consider is that if you get in an accident will you be able to afford to pay for what the insurance does not cover?  This is very important because if you look at the average accident. the cost for property damage far exceeds the $7,500 minimum required under Ohio state law.  Think about this – if you are at fault in an accident and totals that person’s car, which is valued at $20,000 then you are going to have to come up with the $12,500 that your insurance does not cover.  Will you be able to do that?

You need to think about these things.  When you are comparison shopping for car insurance you may want to see what the cost is for coverage higher than the state minimum.  In many cases it is not much more expensive and well worth the peace of mind.

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